The Perfect Hat + Sun Protection

Michele Burklund Summerskin

I think everyone needs a  great sun hat.  I could seriously find 101 reasons to rock this hat!  Like strolling through the farmers market, reading a book outside, going casual in jeans and a tank, or even strolling incognito in the grocery store. Want to know the coolest part about this hat?! it's both fashionable and protects me from the sun.


Yup, I finally found my match...a company called Summerskin which represents both fashion and health! The company has such an inspiring story which began when Summer (the founder) was diagnosed with melanoma back in 2007. After Summer's surgery she was advised to wear sun protective clothing whenever outside but was unable to find fashionable clothing. That's when Summerskin was born.  The company combines high-end luxury fabrics composed of natural cottons, Tencel, and bamboo/cotton blends with a research and development process that is backed by a licensed pharmacist and skin cancer survivor, that's my kind of fashion!

 Skin protection is so important and since we are now aware of the  consequences we can make a change (and look stylish).  This topic is very close to my heart because my grandmother recently passed away from melanoma and we have a strong family history of it.  Also, my good friend Ashley Trenner passed away from melanoma at the age of 40 after a 7 year battle.

Ashley also helped make some big changes in the battle against skin cancer.  She fought to have a law passed to prohibit minors from using tanning beds which is HUGE!!! Watch this interview with her below.

Thinking of you Ashley... and keeping it stylish:)