Agate Necklace Giveaway


Check out this gorgeous agate necklace by Shopbypolar!

So, most of you know how incredibly obsessed I am with agates.  I just love the colors, the natural beauty, the shape, and how they can be so elegant and earthy at the same time.  The retail value of this super chic necklace is $145!!!

If you haven't heard of shopbypolar yet...the jewelry line is owned and run by a designer who adheres to both ethical and eco-friendly practices.  The majority of the gemstone cuts and agate slices originate from Brazil where miners operate in small cooperatives and low impact mining practices are employed.

All of the colored gemstones are mined, cut, and polished in accordance with strict labor, trade, and environmental practices.  In many instances the cutting and polishing is done at the studio by the designer to ensure quality and control. The end results are always showstopping!  There's nothing better than someone asking "are you wearing a rock?!"