Shhhhhh, the secret skin cream

I'm going to tell you about my secret to many skin aliments from acne, burns, rashes, and even fungus.  It's the perfect combination of plants that heal, soothe, and have antimicrobial properties. It's called CCC cream which stands for Calendula, Comfrey, and Cornflower.

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DIY: Botanical Oil Infusion


Create a customized botanical oil infusion!

I'm constantly amazed at the beauty of nature and how it offers up a plant for every aliment.  Botanicals can address any skin issue you can imagine from oily acne prone skin to dry or aging skin.

Find out which botanical combination is right for your skin type:

rose hips

The Possibilities are endless!


1. Choose your favorite oil... I like either Argon oil or Jojoba oil.

2. Mix a combination of your favorite herbs

3. Transfer herbal mixture into a glass jar and fill about 1/5th full.

4. Pour oils into glass jar filling it the rest of the way and seal jar.

5. Place jar next to a window and infuse for 3 weeks.

6. Strain herbs out of jar and enjoy!

 My favorite online store to purchase high quality herbs (and yummy tinctures!) is Blessed Herbs