Summer Dreamin'

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning
— Gloria Steinem
                                                                                    Dress & Sandals from  SwimOutlet

                                                                               Dress & Sandals from SwimOutlet

I love the start of summer, smelling the sweet botanicals, hearing the birds come out, and the excitement of what the new season will bring!

                                                                                 Dress & Sandals from  SwimOutlet

                                                                                Dress & Sandals from SwimOutlet

What is your dream for the summer?

Start Getting Real... About Food

What is real food anymore?  Does it mean natural?  Does it mean organic?  Does it just mean from the earth?

There's so much confusion on what to eat, where to buy, and most companies don't help by trying to secretly disguise products that contain sugar with the 57 aliases they use.

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My Journey: How I Found Natural Medicine... What's Yours?

Hey Guys,

Welcome to my weekly video series where we're going to hang out in my backyard and talk about natural health!  For the first week, I thought it was only proper to talk about how I found natural health and the impact that it made in my life.

Check it out!

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