A Gal's Best Friend: pet ownership for health & unconditional love


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What is one of the best things for your soul and your health?  A furry best friend of course!

I have been so lucky to have a wonderful furry companion named Elvis, he has put up with my crazy schedule through medical school and has been a great support.

Pet ownership has many proven health benefits including an improvement in physical, mental, and emotional well being.  These furry friends can also help enhance your social skills and reduce your risk of heart attack.  The unconditional love of pets helps to improve your mood and gets  you outdoors to exercise more.  If your lifestyle has room for a furry companion go ahead and make a new best friend!

Photography by Jared Duhon of J. Duhon Photography

The Fashionista's Guide To Foraging

What an amazing summer day to go on a drive with the top down while making random stops for fresh dahlias or to forage for mushrooms in the forest.  The crisp air and the vibrant green colors makes me fall in love with Washington all over again, even enough to put up with all the rain.


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Here is the Fashionistas guide to foraging:


Douglas Fir: put the branches in a vase to embrace the forest fragrance or infuse them in a syrup for that Northwest taste.


Nettles: dry the leaves out and drink it as a nutritious tea (and don't worry the stinging is eliminated by drying or cooking) but wear gloves when you are picking them!


Morels: packed with B vitamins, vitamin D, and rich in selenium these are great for overall immune support.


Dandelion Greens: a great addition to a salad and the bitterness helps with digestion.


Moss Covered Twigs: put the twigs in a fancy vase and give a whimsical and grounding feel to your home.


Salmon Berries: rich in vitamin A and potassium, this berry would add an unexpected twist to the traditional jam.


Mud: rich in minerals and great at detoxifying your body, cover yourself in a light paste and wash off when it has dried.  The most important part is to find quality mud either from a hot spring or mud that comes from a glacier for the highest purity.


Photography by Jared Duhon of J Duhon Photography