Halt Histamine

The weather is getting warmer and we all have the urge to frolic in nature but those darn allergies are kicking up! What causes seasonal allergies?

Well, it's a response from your immune system that mistakenly identifies airborne substances like pollen as harmful.  The body then goes into action and  produces antibodies to combat it. 

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The Perfect Hat + Sun Protection

I think everyone needs a  great sun hat.  I could seriously find 101 reasons to rock this hat!  Like strolling through the farmers market, reading a book outside, going casual in jeans and a tank, or even strolling incognito in the grocery store. Want to know the coolest part about this hat?! it's both fashionable and protects me from the sun.

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DIY: Botanical Oil Infusion


Create a customized botanical oil infusion!

I'm constantly amazed at the beauty of nature and how it offers up a plant for every aliment.  Botanicals can address any skin issue you can imagine from oily acne prone skin to dry or aging skin.

Find out which botanical combination is right for your skin type:

rose hips

The Possibilities are endless!


1. Choose your favorite oil... I like either Argon oil or Jojoba oil.

2. Mix a combination of your favorite herbs

3. Transfer herbal mixture into a glass jar and fill about 1/5th full.

4. Pour oils into glass jar filling it the rest of the way and seal jar.

5. Place jar next to a window and infuse for 3 weeks.

6. Strain herbs out of jar and enjoy!

 My favorite online store to purchase high quality herbs (and yummy tinctures!) is Blessed Herbs