Watch this video to learn more about building your unique brand and finding your voice online!


Are you still in medical school, just graduated, or just have no idea where to start?

Are you still using paper charts, haven't updated your website since 2007, or think Instagram is for email?

Do you feel overwhelmed with social media, website development, and creating a blog?

Do you have a billion great ideas but have no idea how to integrate them?

Do you have a passion for teaching?


Well, this program is just what you are looking for!  

I have literally received hundreds of emails from doctors and students just like you, asking me for business advice.  The issue, I see, with becoming a naturopathic doctor is that most of us have to be entrepreneurs to succeed. Okay, maybe when you decided to become a doctor you really didn't think about the business side but that's why I'm here. Being an entrepreneur is freakin' awesome!  You can take all your knowledge from medical school and heal the world through webinars, online programs, blogging, videos, writing articles, and being you.  

  • Learn how to create a unique brand that is totally YOU and conveys a strong message.
  • Learn how to make your primary income online and create a clinic to heal rather than to meet the bottom line.
  • Understand the art of speaking to your market
  • Get outside the damn box and start doing your own thing
  • Discover your GLOBAL audience
  • Get out there and love your haters (you're gonna get haters, but, don't worry they're a good thing)
  • Be okay with charging for your value!  You are part of an elite group of doctors and people need to recognize that.

Why listen to me?

I was in your shoes not that long ago, well, except I wrote a 50-page business plan before I even stepped on Bastyr's campus.  I wanted to be a naturopathic doctor more than anything but I also knew that it was going to be rough when getting out in the real world.  As a student, I decided 2 things: #1 I never wanted my primary income to be from my clinic, I wanted my clinic to be a place where I came for fun to heal patients. #2 I wanted to make naturopathic medicine a name that mainstream America recognized.  So, how was I going to do this as a starving student with barely enough time to take a shower?

I would do one thing each day that would further my business and that's what I will teach you!  By the time I graduated as a naturopathic doctor I had over 600 blog posts, was on 6 national radio shows, hired by awesome natural health brands, published in several magazines, gained thousands of followers, and reached close to a million readers!

BTW: I also went to business school for undergrad, got my MBA, and finished Stanford's entrepreneurship and innovation program.

I never planned on teaching business once I became a doctor but....

Well, you guys need help and a fresh perspective and people have been asking me to do this for years!  I want all of you to THRIVE and reach millions of people.  Think about how many people we could reach if we all got online?  We can take Docere to a whole new level!!!  It's the perfect time and we have the perfect platform to teach the world the healing power of nature.  I have spent close to $30,000 studying online marketing over the last 3 years, not to mention 6 years of business school (add another $150K), traveled all across the world attending conferences (for blogging and virtual programs), spent a billion hours designing and redesigning my message, AND I want to share all my tips, successes, and definitely what not to do with you!

You will get:

5 Modules (approximately 5 to 10 hours each if you do all the homework) customized to naturopathic physicians

  • Building the foundation: how to set up all social media and learn who to connect with to build your business, including websites every doc should have a profile on!
  • What's your message: finding your market while being yourself: I will guide you by blending my ND knowledge with my previous career experience as a business consultant to position your message to your market.
  • Tips on how create a beautiful website that reflects YOU: convey your message in a creative way (check out my 26 professional photo shoots infusing Vis Medicatrix Naturae with style). Have access to all my secret tools!
  • The art of blogging: how to write copy with captivating titles and publish it on multiple platforms for optimal exposure!
  • How to earn trust online (and make money) while staying within our scope of practice and working with quality brands that fit your demographic

Weekly Videos on how to be a branding rockstar

5 resource packets to create your online empire

Weekly Q & A conference calls

Access to a private facebook group to "meet" and collaborate with your colleagues

How it works:

  • You will receive an email each week with all the material and the secret password to the portal
  • 1 Module will be released each week (which will give you time to focus on your action items). No jumping ahead!
  • You can download all 5 resource packets to build your online empire
  • The portal will be open to you for 3 months to study all the material
  • All Q & A sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend
  • You will be asked to post some projects on the secret facebook group to get feedback on your message

$50 of every purchase goes to my non-profit to provide naturopathic medicine to homeless populations!!!

For current students or graduates from these schools