How do you use nutrition in your practice?

Nutrition is a fundamental part of health and healing!  I will ask every patient to describe in-detail their current diet & lifestyle habits in order to get the whole picture of their current health needs.  I will also offer customized dietary recommendations and a support coach (optional) to help with the integration.

What is the role of a coach?

It seems as though one of the most difficult things to do is change our current diet and habits.  David, our in-house coach will provide the support level that you need from weekly goal setting to keep you accountable to taking you grocery shopping to learn which foods to buy.

What types of nutritional treatments do you use?

Food & Diet

Customized recommendations to optimize health

Elimination diets to find food sensitivities

Specialized diets for specific health conditions from multiple sclerosis to seizures

Medical monitoring during juice fasts

Lab Testing I will use most tests from Genova Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

Food allergy

Digestive function

Intestinal permeability

Bacterial overgrowth

Organic acid 


…and many more based on the patient’s symptoms